Nutrition and sport often go together. Both generate well-being and bring benefits to our body. The first one is essential for the second to be performed in good condition. That is why, in addition to a good workout, having the right diet to meet the sports needs of each person is a key factor in achieving optimal performance.

And how should that diet be? Although what we consume the most during physical exercise are carbohydrates and fats, it is the protein intake that is decisive and necessary for recovery. The latter are responsible for maintaining muscle mass and repairing our body so that it is back in good condition after the wear and tear caused by sports activity.

This circumstance occurs with special intensity in high-level athletes, who must have a diet rich in nutrients, with special attention to the optimal amount of protein that ensures better preparation, greater resistance, better recovery and, in short, a better performance of their muscle mass.

It is in this area where milk proteins play a leading role. They are providing very good results thanks to their essential amino acid quality content.

Specifically, the proteins produced by the InLeit team offer superior quality in terms of nutrition and naturalness. This is obtained thanks to a specific process, which protects and preserves the natural character of the protein to the maximum, thus achieving a range of purely natural and highly functional protein products.

In addition to being recommended for our muscles, proteins are essential for the maintenance of our bones, especially micellar caseins, which, unlike other proteins, still contain high levels of calcium.

At InLeit, thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing process, we have managed to preserve the native form of casein and calcium, which is naturally present and bioavailable.

And where can we find these proteins? Thanks to its excellent sensory profile (very soluble and good tasting compared to vegetable protein that has a grainy texture and a bad feeling in the mouth) and its various functionalities (including emulsion, thickening, jellification and foam), we can find it in drinkable foods, high protein bars and pro yogurts. A whole range of possibilities for our muscle mass and our bone apparatus to return to ideal conditions after the physical effort of a good workout.

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