With innovation as our trademark, from the factory of the new company InLeit in the Curtis industrial estate (A Coruña), more than a dozen varieties of cow’s milk protein will be launched on the market. After months of works and with an investment of more than 100 million euros, these facilities begin their journey with the aim of becoming a reference in the food industry, thanks to the production of protein and casein, extracted from milk.

Reducing the risk of allergies, obtaining functional, enriched and healthier foods, especially in the nutritional field for infants and seniors, are just some of the challenges set by the management and the InLeit R&D team, to which we add another added value: the circular economy. A differential factor that will especially affect the environment.

All this will be possible thanks to an innovative process, which has required the installation of the most advanced technology on the market and which allows obtaining milk protein in a more natural way and without additives.

After much research and merging the synergies of one of the main cream producers in Spain and a team of French researchers, at the Curtis plant we will produce protein concentrates and isolates by applying specific techniques of filtration, pasteurization, centrifugation, concentration, state-of-the-art evaporation and drying.

Yes, there are already commercialized proteins, but thanks to the new methodology developed, the R&D applied and the high quality of the raw material, milk, which is subjected to rigorous analyzes to verify that it meets the high-quality standards set by the company, the protein manufactured here will be unique in the market.

From there, its use in the food industry can have many destinations. From ingredient for the elaboration of supplements specialized in sports nutrition, infant feeding or in the manufacture of ice cream and bakery, among others.

Dairy protein is an excellent ingredient for all these foods, for the many qualities it has and the benefits it can bring to the body, both for the immune system, providing it with more and better tools to defend itself from external aggressions, and to improve our muscle tension, reduce our cholesterol levels or fight more effectively against osteoporosis.

Thanks to these values, the inclusion of these types of protein in new foods will allow the food industry to be endowed with more and better tools so that they can develop a greater and better nutritional offer, following the path of a new style of nutrition, where health, functional and enriched take on greater prominence.

Also noteworthy is the care given to InLeit to enhance the entire production chain. This means starting from a proposal of maximum use of the raw material that enters the factory daily, in line with the objectives of the circular economy.

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