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InLeit ingredients came to fruition in 2016 as a result of an ambitious business project between two international leaders in the food industry. This commercial alliance was designed in order to transform InLeit into a household name for the production and distribution of high added-value, dairy-based ingredients.

Our History

The joint-venture formed by LIASA and Rich’s in 2016 combines the strengths and advantages of both market leaders. Joint-venture as a platform to challenge the competitive Milk Ingredients landscape, to integrate the resources reasonably and efficiently, and to expedite the customer-centric disruptive innovations in the market.

Ken Foods & Rich’s

A commercial alliance designed to make InLeit a world reference in the production and distribution of high added value dairy-based ingredients.

The leading company in Spain, with more than 40 years of experience in the market for the production of specialised fats. A pioneer in the production, preparation and distribution of pasteurised and UHT creams for the food sector.

93 Million

Annual sales of € 93 million

180 +


30/40 +

Distributed in more than 30 countries across 4 continents

Centralised manufacturing

Guadalajara – Spain

Rich Products Corporation, a multinational company founded by Robert Rich Sr. in 1945 in the USA, has been noted from its beginning for its innovative nature. Its products are aimed at providing solutions to professionals in the food industry.

3,7 Billion

Annual sales of $ 3.7 billion

10k +

Associates around the world

100 +

Distributed in more than 100 countries


Factories throughout the world

Privileged Geographic Location

  • 500.000
    Hectares of pasture and crops
  • 8.000
    Dairy farms
  • 2,76
    Billion liters of milk per year

Where are we

We built the first InLeit manufacturing plant in Galicia, a community located in the northwest of Spain that has the largest dairy production in the country and the eighth highest in Europe. Its maritime climate, with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall, make this region the ideal place for dairy production.

InLeit, was born from the union of scientific research and food production as a strategic pillar of the dairy sector in Galicia. At InLeit we extract high added value products from milk for the food and nutrition industry. We are committed to R&D and innovation, our functional ingredients are obtained using state-of-the-art technologies to provide New Nutrition.

InLeit aspires to be a benchmark in the production and distribution of dairy ingredients with high added value, leading a strategic sector in Galicia.

We intend to be the knowledge center for the food and nutritional industry through R&D and Innovation in collaboration with companies in the sector, universities and scientific institutions.

1. Integrity

Today, the World demands that companies be honest and transparent. In InLeit we are authentic with ourselves, we are authentic with others, and we always do what is right.

2. Empathy

In InLeit people are at the center of our activities. Our team not only cares about each other, we care for our suppliers, clients and partners. We work best with those who have compassion for others and truly show it.

3. Innovation

InLeit was born as a result of the strong desire of group of people who were willing to go beyond the conventional to achieve something different. And we continue to grow with that philosophy, to develop, with our customers, products beyond the conventional: The innovative spirit.

4. Excellence

In InLeit we want to go beyond satisfaction. We work so that our talent and our commitment to quality translate into a value proposition for the client that exceeds their expectations.

inleit big

Construction and design features of the factory:

  • Factory built for linear flow following “zoning” criteria.
  • Access to areas through SAS (depending on the level of risk set for each area).
  • Controlled access to the outside of the facilities (Food Safety).
  • Access through the facilities’ CCTVs (Food Safety).
  • Isolated visitor hall to view the whole production process without introducing foreign bodies/microorganisms.


The plant is designed to meet the highest levels of safety and quality in food and nutrition.


State-of-the-art Spray Dryers that allow us to produce premium and customized proteins, in addition to preventing cross contamination.


More than 120 million Euros invested, more than 130 direct jobs and more than 1,000 indirect ones.


The increasing demand for preventive health care and personalized nutrition, coupled with an increasingly aging population and health awareness in the world, stimulate demand for protein for applications in infant formulas, sports and clinical nutrition, and fresh dairy products.

International leadership

Since its creation, InLeit has been committed to achieving international leadership


Equipped to challenge the new era of nutrition


InLeit stands out with the expertise of its internal team

External collaborators

Universities, R&D Centers, Laboratories, Suppliers

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