Functional, probiotic, rich in …, with extra contribution of …, they are only some of the qualifiers used in food linear and specialized stores to introduce the different products that go to market. The goal of all of them is to offer that differential plus that makes it better than the previous version and that gives it a new capacity to generate greater benefits to our body.

The consumer is increasingly aware of the proven relationship between health and food. So it is more demanding in its path to healthier eating habits. The percentage of population that takes maximum care of what they eat, or at least what they purchase, increases year by year. The population progressively prefers healthier, more natural and less contaminated foods.

The food industry knows this, hence its commitment to constant innovation, with special attention to processes that can get not only new end products, but also healthier and customizable proposals.
Innovative options that give the consumer the possibility to combine different products or ingredients that, introduced in different ways on a daily basis, can improve your vital and immune system, help you to maintain your bone system or improve your cardiovascular health.

Studies show that we should not only have a more natural and healthy eating, but it is also necessary to analyze our genetics and the daily activity that we develop so that these foods provide us with nutrients that we really need and do not overuse or stay below the needed quantity. Nowadays, we know that not everyone absorbs and metabolizes in the same way.
This is the path of research of many food industries, creating products that can have different applications in our diet.

At InLeit we are firmly committed to this R&D, so that the milk protein that we produce is the basis and protagonist of great part of that new generation of functional products. And protein is one of the best ingredients to achieve this. Therefore, we are convinced that the different applications of our milk protein (micellar casein, soluble whey, all low spore…) will be an excellent base for these new dietary formulas.

There are several areas where this functionality plays a key role to better nutritional performance: sports, especially high performance; infant feeding, specifically the one for babies; the senior range, with a specific section for females because of the benefits that it can contribute in the fight against osteoporosis and in the reduction of the effects of menopause. All this without forgetting the multiple applications in obtaining gourmet products.
Therefore, from here, and throughout the next few weeks, we will go shedding the benefits that our protein derivatives can contribute to each of these groups.