Galicia is one of the dairy communities par excellence, not only within the national territory, but within the European Union, where it is located as the eighth region of the Union in dairy production. So much so that about 250,000 hectares of the Galician territory are dedicated to the feeding and grazing of our more than 300,000 dairy cows.

This position of the community is one of the reasons why the promoters of InLeit company, dedicated to the production of milk protein, decided to locate their factory in the town of Curtis in Coruña. The area of influence of this region, with many farms from Coruña and Lugo in a radius of 50 kilometers, allows the milk to arrive fresh and with the desired quality. This last section is one of the necessary principles for InLeit. Hence, the company has included among its action protocols a series of measures that guarantee that raw materials with excellence standards arrive at its facilities.

Therefore, to be a supplier of this factory, the report of the milk quality levels of the previous year is requested… Milk passes strict controls of bacteriological parameters before reaching the tanks of the Curtis plant.

Once this filter is passed, the milk that arrives at the factory is analyzed daily to ensure that the standards are reached and to detect possible problems. The state and system that each farm uses to take care of its cows is also watched over and controlled. And little by little, products from grazing are also being obtained.
All these factors directly affect the quality of the milk protein that is extracted in Curtis, which is why the whole the process is taken care of extensively, from the welfare of the cows to the quality of their milk.

Currently, there are already 130 farms and two cooperatives providing InLeit. Still, there’s capacity for much more, since when the factory is at full performance this enclosure can reach up to a million liters a day, for what it already counts with 3 perfectly prepared 300,000 liter-tanks. We are ready to affirm that when full capacity is reached, the milk supply will depend on about 500 dairy farms. 

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