Imagine a world where every sip of your favorite shake not only indulges your taste buds but also fuels your wellness journey with cutting-edge protein science. This is the world we’re unveiling at Fi Europe 2023, where three decades of expertise collide with the latest nutritional innovations to redefine what you know about protein. Join us at booth 3.0D82 for a first-hand experience of sustainable, delicious, and high-performance nutrition crafted for the future.

Here’s a sneak peek into our game-changing offerings, each a reflection of iHub’s collaborative engine:

  • Indulgent chocolate milkshake: This isn’t your average shake. We’ve blended rich chocolate flavors with unique protein that remains stable under heat, ensuring consistency and quality with every sip.
  • 6% whey protein drink: Featured with a serum protein concentration designed for rapid absorption and easy digestion, this drink accommodates the accelerated nutritional needs of athletes and those with an active lifestyle. The basic pH level not only ensures the drink’s stability during heat treatment but also aids in maintaining the structural integrity of the whey proteins, which could support muscle recovery and growth. This product is an excellent fit for consumers looking for a nutritious, on-the-go option that doesn’t compromise on taste.
  • 10% whey protein boost shot: Offering a more concentrated dose of serum protein, this powerful shot is a powerhouse for muscle sustenance. With a higher protein content, it’s engineered to provide a substantial protein boost to support endurance, muscle repair, and synthesis, which are crucial after intense training sessions. Its basic pH composition also aligns with the body’s natural pH, which may enhance protein utilization and minimize digestive discomfort. This makes the protein boost shot not just a convenience but a strategic choice for those who are serious about their health and performance goals.
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Our offerings at Fi Europe are the culmination of a strategic five-phase development journey that start from the iHub, a hub where knowledge, networking, and new technologies merge to inspire impactful advancements in the sector:

  • Collaborative platform equals innovation: At iHub, we believe in the power of collective wisdom. Our networking space fosters a climate of shared knowledge through seminars, webinars, and workshops, ensuring that the best of minds contribute to each advancement.
  • From Lab to Launch: Our state-of-the-art laboratory space, equipped with tools like HPLC, Dumas, and Texturometers, is where we analyze and refine our ingredients to perfection. The process area, with its membrane units and multistage dryers, enables us to create new functional ingredients that redefine protein sources.
  • Prototyping real-world applications: In our application area, every ingredient undergoes rigorous testing in various dairy matrices – from drinks to desserts – ensuring our innovations are not only feasible but excel in real-world applications.

We invite you to join us on this journey and invite you to explore the potential within each product and the stories behind them. So come to visit us, engage with our experts, and let’s create a new era of protein innovation together. See you there!

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