A high protein product, providing a remarkable 12% protein per serving. Not only does it elevate your protein intake, but it also ensures a clean aftertaste, ensuring a satisfying experience with every sip.

What sets this product apart is its unique ability to maintain a high protein level while maintaining a low viscosity. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a high-protein formula without sacrificing texture or drinkability. In addition, this product complements your amino acid intake with a slow-digesting formula, ensuring a sustained release of nutrients over time.

Ideal for post-workout recovery or pre-fasting occasions like bedtime, it actively promotes muscle protein synthesis. Packed with micellar casein, a slow-digesting protein abundant in Essential amino acids, this formulation is crafted to support your nutritional requirements.

What is LeitUp M90D?

Is a functional micellar casein obtained through filtration of high-quality milk using a soft process. There are many advantages of using a Micellar casein in your drink, here you can find a small summary but, if you really want to know more about these advantages, take a look at this post.

  1. Slow and Sustained Release of Amino Acids
  2. High Biological Value
  3. Casein for Overnight Recovery
  4. Appetite Control and Satiety
  5. Muscle Recovery
  6. Highest Protein Concentration in RTDS
  7. Improved Calcium absoption

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