The Management of INLEIT INGREDIENTS, S.L.U., as a company dedicated to the manufacture of dairy products, is committed to implementing, obeying and maintaining a Food Quality and Safety Policy whose priority is the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers and compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, are convinced that the continuity and development of the Company can only be ensured by incorporating these principles into our objectives and strategies. To this end, the implementation of a Food Quality and Safety organisation and system in accordance with the pre-established provisions is essential according to FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, HALAL regulations and KOSHER regulations, Quality Management being responsible for their management. Our teams are provided with the appropriate means to effectively comply with our Food Quality and Safety Policy, and we are committed to:

    • Improving the quality and safety of finished products, quantified by the decrease in customer complaints.
    • Guaranteeing the legality and food safety of the products and our responsibility to customers and users through HACCP management.
    • Complying with the guidelines set out in the regulations for the use of the Halal (HCE) and KOSHER (OK KOSHER) guarantee marks.
    • Ensuring the rigorous application of procedures by our suppliers, with the help of internal audits, through information, awareness and motivation meetings.
    • Implementing a training policy in order to continuously improve our staff’s professional skills, as well as our overall quality and cost control results, favouring teamwork.
    • Establishing the necessary communications, both internally and externally, to ensure the availability to all those involved of the information on the quality and safety of the product.
    • Complying at all times with our ethical and hygiene responsibilities.
    • Guaranteeing the protection of our products against theft or sabotage in areas under the control of INLEIT INGREDIENTS, S.L.U.
    • Maintaining an ongoing improvement system for the Quality and Food Safety of our products, processes, services and of the Management System itself, by maintaining the Certifications to the FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, HALAL and KOSHER standards at the INLEIT INGREDIENTS, S.L.U. plant.

This Policy will be disseminated to everybody who works for or on behalf of INLEIT so they are aware of it and will be made available to other interested parties. INLEIT’s Management undertakes to develop the guidelines to be determined in the Integrated Management System, to review the system implemented and to establish this policy as a frame of reference for the establishment of the Company’s general objectives.

In Teixeiro, on 03/09/2020