The i-Hub, the InLeit Innovation Hub is the knowledge-sharing platform launched by InLeit to share its protein and dairy ingredients expertise. Our commitment to the dairy ingredient sector led us to create and develop the collaborative platform. I-Hub is a modern solution that centralizes information, invites industry professionals and businesses to engage and discuss their thoughts about the dairy ingredient industry, and gives users a safe space to innovate.

The industry is constant evolution needs modern solutions to allow the current and future development of more nutritional, functional, and sustainable products, and i-Hub elevates how professionals can contribute to upgrading the entire ecosystem.

Linking innovation, knowledge, and networking is crucial for multiplying the nutritional benefits of dairy products, and exploring greater ways, for sustainability excellence. Therefore, we identified three essential pillars, and integrated them, into the design of the platform:

In the “Innovation Space”

We encourage innovation and testing of new product concepts or formulations by making our Pilot plant & Application Laboratory available to industry users.

In the “Knowledge Space”

We share the knowledge of our R&D Expert Team to facilitate problem-solving and offer high-level assistance in their product development projects.

In the “Networking Space”

That you are attending right now, we organize interactive Activities & Events throughout the year to motivate and impulse fruitful communication regarding the fresh dairy, cheese, sports and infant nutrition, and the clinical industry. 

I-Hub: On-Demand Webinar

Watch it here and get key insights on launching our new concept. Click here to access. 

i-hub presentation

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