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Hydrolyzates: Our latest Launches

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Proteins are essential components of our daily diet, yet there are times when our bodies fall short of their necessary intake, particularly during physically demanding activities such as intense workouts or weightlifting. Athletes, especially, require elevated protein consumption to sustain their heightened physical exertion.

During weightlifting or intense training, small tears occur in the muscle fibers. While this is a natural consequence of strength training and poses no harm, it’s crucial for these fibers to undergo repair for muscle tissue regeneration and growth. This repair process underscores the significance of proteins. They play a pivotal role in expediting muscle recovery, enabling the body to rebound and perform optimally in subsequent workouts. 

Hydrolyzed proteins undergo hydrolysis, a process that breaks them down into smaller, more easily digestible components called peptides. These smaller peptides are quicker to absorb, making them ideal for facilitating muscle recovery and growth following intense physical activity.

Market Overview

We will focus on three key market segments:

  • The infant formula market has witnessed substantial growth between 2015 and 2019, with over 16,648 products introduced. Among them, 235 formulas containing hydrolyzed milk and/or whey proteins stand out1.  Experiencing a 9.5% annual increase between 2018 and 2023, this market segment is estimated to be valued at $24.04 billion2. These broken-down proteins facilitate digestion and are well-suited for infants with food sensitivities, showcasing the industry’s dedication to offering safe and effective options for infant care and nutritional requirements.
  • The sports food and beverage market has demonstrated robust growth, reaching 15,000 tons. From 2015 to 2019, 18,706 products were launched in this category, including 427 sports drinks containing hydrolyzed milk and/or whey proteins1. These drinks facilitate rapid absorption and are ideal for post-workout muscle recovery. Their presence highlights the growing demand for products that provide both hydration and nutritional support for physical performance .  This market segment has seen a 9.5% annual increase between 2018 and 2023 and is projected to have a market value of $16.01 billion2.
  • Clinical nutrition has experienced significant expansion, with a market volume of 22,500 tons and an annual growth rate of 8.1% between 2018 and 2023. Estimated at $50.96 billion, this market underscores its escalating significance in the health and wellness sector2.

Our hydrolyzed solutions

InLeit Mango beverage with LeitUp WP90H0711 (250 ML)  

This protein source is the ideal choice for fueling our body before, during, and after training sessions.

It plays a crucial role in enhancing muscle mass and strength, as well as accelerating muscle recovery post-workout. Rich in essential and branched-chain amino acids, it serves as the perfect ingredient for optimizing exercise performance.

With a 6% Native whey protein content, it delivers a potent protein boost ideal for muscle recovery and growth. Its high heat stability ensures quality even under demanding conditions, while its concentrated BCAA content enhances performance and aids in muscle repair. Furthermore, WheyPro Drink boasts a delightful flavor profile without any bitter aftertaste, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable experience with every sip.

InLeit coffee Shot for Specialized Nutrition with LeitUp WP90H0711 (100 ML)

We proudly present a SHOT recommendation featuring hydrolyzed whey protein. This pH-neutral formulation remains stable under UHT heat treatment, guaranteeing no gelling, no bitter aftertaste, and a ready-to-drink solution.

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With 10% Native whey proteins, it provides essential amino acids crucial for muscle growth and recovery. Additionally, it serves as a source of key vitamins B12, C, and D, promoting overall health. High concentrations of BCAAs – including 1.4% Leucine, 0.6% Valine, and 0.6% Isoleucine – further enhance its efficacy in muscle repair and performance optimization.


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